It's Time
September 14th, 2021
We are all born in the middle of a story. We are not isolated simply to our moment or our generation but connected and influenced by the generations that have come before and, through our actions, inf...  Read More
September 6th, 2021
According to legend, sometime in the 15th century, a Japanese military commander broke his prized Chinese tea bowl. He sent it back to China in the hope that it could be repaired. When his tea bowl wa...  Read More
Exercising Trust
August 31st, 2021
I don’t usually like to write using sports analogies. As an athlete through high school and college, I heard my fair share of “life is like sports; sports are like life” anecdotes. However, in Paul’s ...  Read More
Drawing Near
August 23rd, 2021
Contrary to what his name suggests, my son Bear is a cuddler. Not just at bedtime either. He’s pretty much down to cuddle at any point in the day. To his mother’s delight, it’s been that way all 8 yea...  Read More
August 10th, 2021
August 8th is my spiritual birthday; a few days ago, I celebrated 33 years in Christ. My physical birthday comes a few weeks later. Having these two days so close together is an annual reminder that (...  Read More
What Do You Want Jesus To Do For You?
August 3rd, 2021
Blind Bartimaeus was a beggar. There was little else for him to do. He could not see; therefore, he could not work. Begging by the roadside was his only livelihood. It might have been all he’d ever do...  Read More