Faith That Perseveres
June 7th, 2023
Be honest. When we hear James say, “Consider it all joy, my brothers, when you encounter various trials,” joy is not what immediately comes to mind amid trials and tests. No one is happy when the diff...  Read More
March 1st, 2023
Imagine standing in the corner of the room as the scene plays out. We are here to listen, to observe and learn. Solomon enters; he kneels beside the bed of his father, David. Years have shrunk to hou...  Read More
Shepherds, Thieves and Heirs
February 22nd, 2023
It started in secret, but David’s sin that began behind closed doors was beginning to seep out from the cracks. Nothing could stop it. Not even the body of a dead man. The prophet came to him with a p...  Read More
Six Steps
February 15th, 2023
Todd Henry wrote, “It’s possible to succeed your way into failure when you lose sight of the bigger picture” (emphasis added). Mr. Henry was making the point that in our work lives we can get so caugh...  Read More
Is Your Back Against the Wall?
February 8th, 2023
Ever had those moments? When it seems there is no way out of a tough situation? Young David was being falsely accused and chased by King Saul in Psalm 57. As you know, Saul and his men came into the c...  Read More
Beside Still Waters
February 1st, 2023
There is a bench with an iron back and wooden slats. The arms curve downward like a ram’s horn. It sits at the edge of deep water that’s fed by a spring beneath the earth. The pool is aquamarine in th...  Read More

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