The Big Ask
January 20th, 2021
Have you ever found yourself entangled in a moment where you felt like you had the choice to either ask for the impossible or shrink away into despair? Our minds race when we stand at that crossroads....  Read More
Nehemiah Goes to Washington
January 13th, 2021
In case we needed a reminder that our nation is in distress, the events of January 6th sounded the alarm of anguish. The walls are broken down. There’s fire at the gates. One quick look at the news e...  Read More
Fruit of the Spirit // SELF-CONTROL
October 26th, 2020
Why can I not stop doing this? Why do I continually battle the same thing over and over? When will I finally be able to stop myself in the moment and refrain from harmful actions and attitudes? Why do...  Read More
Fruit of the Spirit // GENTLENESS
October 19th, 2020
Gentleness is powerful. Steady, not showy. Persuasive, not pushy.It doesn’t panic, retaliate, or fume. Gentleness stands out in our loud and angry world....  Read More
Fruit of the Spirit // FAITHFULNESS
October 14th, 2020
What do a runner’s marathon, a long and happy marriage and a rich relationship with Jesus have in common? You guessed it. Faithfulness. That stick-with-it-virtue....  Read More
Fruit of the Spirit // GOODNESS
October 7th, 2020
Goodness is perhaps one of the most misunderstood virtues of Christianity. Not because we don’t know what goodness is. But because we are confused on the order in which it is produced.Is it goodness b...  Read More