Longing for Home

By: Dave McClung
1 Peter is a letter addressed to believers who have been scattered throughout several Roman provinces in Asia Minor – what would be the general region of modern-day Turkey. They have suddenly been confronted with the reality that they are not at home anymore. They are displaced and scattered abroad, but still chosen by God to be His representatives in this world.

So how do they do this?

As citizens of God’s Kingdom, they are still being sanctified by the Holy Spirit into people who can be obedient to His voice no matter where they live. Neither exile nor persecution can rob them of their citizenship in the Kingdom. Nothing can separate them from the love of God in Christ Jesus (Romans 8:39).

With that confidence in the power of God to save and to sustain their salvation, they can live confidently for Jesus in this world whether the world is favorable or hostile towards them. God’s mercy in salvation has given them a living hope solidified by the resurrection of Jesus. This living hope is leading them to an imperishable, undefiled and unfading inheritance that has been reserved for them in heaven. God’s power protects them against any threat to that gift of salvation and the inheritance that results from it. They have the possibility of living an abundant life now ushering them right into eternity because of the power of God as revealed in the resurrection of Jesus.

So, even though they are displaced from their homes, even though they are encountering various trials and the distress that can come from those trials, they can greatly rejoice. Rejoicing at the life that God has given them that will result in their resurrections as well. Rejoicing that God is at work in them even during these trials to strengthen them and refine them as gold is purified by fire. Rejoicing because their circumstances no longer dictate the fullness of life to be had – Jesus does.

As followers of Jesus, we will at times find ourselves at odds with our culture and the world. This should not surprise us, because this world is not our eternal home. So be hopeful that what God has started in us, He will complete. Regardless of the difficulties this life may bring, there is much rejoicing to be had. Our exile does not negate our adoption as children of the King or as citizens of His Kingdom. So, live abundantly and rejoice!
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