Longing for Home
by Dave McClung on June 6th, 2024
1 Peter is a letter addressed to believers who have been scattered throughout several Roman provinces in Asia Minor – what would be the general region of modern-day Turkey. They have suddenly been confronted with the reality that they are not at home anymore. They are displaced and scattered abroad, but still chosen by God to be His representatives in this world.  Read More
Imperfect Parents and Imperfect Prayers
by Hunter Jones on August 9th, 2023
My husband and I became parents last year. Our daughter, Hope, is only 14 months old, but I already have a long list of ways I feel like we could’ve parented better–tweaking this sleep routine, displaying more self-control in that stressful moment…the list goes on. But as I was sharing this feeling with another young parent today, I remembered something about my own parents.  Read More
Thirty-Something Dinnertimes
by Jenny Stricklin on August 2nd, 2023
For his eleventh birthday, my son asked for a rock tumbler. It’s a little machine that transforms natural rocks into smooth gemstones. He’d already collected a few gems from various souvenir shops, but he wanted to be able to polish his own.   Read More
Don't Look Down!
by Hollis Wakefield on July 26th, 2023
I would prefer not to set myself in opposition to the Person who is the very reason for my existence, salvation, and eternity. But I do it. All the time. The claim that pride is the “greatest of all sins” has always seemed like an exaggeration to me, even though Proverbs 3:34 indicates that God doesn’t treat it lightly. He opposes the proud? Why? Of course all sin separates us from God, but why does God’s reaction to pride seem so… extreme?  Read More
Faith That Submits
by Stephen Harrison on July 20th, 2023
I loved fishing with my dad as a kid. We would catch a ton of catfish and crappie in that 14’ flat bottom boat. One time when we finished fishing, we motored to the dock so I could get out and back the trailer down the ramp to load the boat. I was about fourteen and my dad would teach me to drive when we went camping. I was in such a hurry to drive that day I stepped out of the boat and it began to drift away from the dock.  Read More
Rollers and Mirrors
by Blake Hudspeth on July 12th, 2023
If someone tells you that cats are cleaner than dogs, don’t trust them. That’s a Cat Person. Growing up we had two and they shed everywhere. My whole life I walked around with hair stuck to my clothes and never knew it until I started dating Danielle (my wife) who is very, very allergic to them. Whenever I came around, she’d start sneezing. And I didn’t want her to think she was allergic to me. So, I began taking cat hair pretty seriously. Anytime I left the house, I looked in the mirror and used lint rollers to get all of it off me. They probably saved my marriage.  Read More

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