The Gain Is In The Loss
March 22nd, 2022
We have no idea what Christ has for us on the other side of self-denial. Much of what we see in the moment of decision appears to be loss, like God is intent on taking something away from us. He’s cut...  Read More
Jesus and the Women
March 15th, 2022
There’s a lot of talk these days about gender equality. But that was not the case in the first-century world that Jesus was born into. Women were routinely treated as second-class citizens with dimin...  Read More
When Suffering Prolongs
March 8th, 2022
In Luke 7, Jesus does something incredible. He goes out of His way to raise the only son of a widow from the dead. Here, we see His great compassion for us in the midst of our suffering, and we see Hi...  Read More
How to Impress Jesus
March 2nd, 2022
Have you ever stopped to think what it would take to truly impress Jesus? I mean, He created everything that ever was! He existed before all things and holds everything together (Col. 1:17) so could t...  Read More
The Walmart Lady and Jesus
February 22nd, 2022
We were walking out of Walmart when she approached us. Right away, we could tell she was quite different from us in every way. She asked for a ride home across town, but it was obvious she needed so m...  Read More
The Power of an Encounter
February 15th, 2022
Charlie Taylor is not a familiar name to most, but if you were to ask his friends, they probably would have described him as a quiet man who loved mechanical things. Some others considered him a mecha...  Read More

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