Motherhood - In the Gap

By: Jenny Stricklin
Some days motherhood (or the journey to it) is smooth sailing. But most often, this venture seems to require miracles at every level.

It isn’t usually obvious but tucked just below our smiling faces are bleeding hearts aching for a revision of circumstances, a different reality, a move of God. In one area or another, most of us are deficient in something we want or need and simply unable to deliver on it.

There’s a mother somewhere begging for hope and help.
Another is pleading for the return of her prodigal.
Someone is mourning another year of infertility.
A birth-mom is feeling the weight of empty arms.
Someone else is navigating adoption complexities.
Another is not sure if she has what it takes to make it through another day.
This. This is the margin for a miracle. The space between what we are able to accomplish with our natural resources and what we ultimately need or desire. God does his best work here, you know. In the gap.  

This has always been His way. He supplied words to an incompetent Moses. He provided flour and oil for a starving widow and her son. He turned water into wine for a desperate wedding host. He multiplied a small lunch to feed 5,000… to name a few.

On each occasion, there was less than enough. But every time, He made up the difference. When human efforts failed to produce a necessary result, when fear or doubt or outside pressure felt crushing, He miraculously filled in the gap.

So, what if we refused to resist the things that require more faith? What if we embraced our helplessness, our neediness, our desperation and watched God supernaturally make a way?

Do it again, Lord! Fill in the gaps. Part the waters. Say the word. Turn things around!

Let’s check His record and recount all He’s done. Time and time again He’s proven He is the faithful one. Our need, His power. Our weakness, His strength. When God comes through on our behalf, there is no greater thing. We won’t throw away our confidence. We won’t give way to fear. There will be miracles, for His glory and our good. Our wonder-working God is near.

Happy Mother’s Day weekend to all the momma hearts on every level of need or want. Happy, most of all, because He’s right here with us - in the gap.
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