Light & Life to All He Brings

By: Jenny Stricklin
It was just an ordinary December night when she asked, “Mommy, does everybody switch families?”

The tree lights sparkled behind her as she snuggled deeper into the couch and waited for my answer.

We’d talked with her about her adoption many times. But this time her question startled me. Such a glaring reminder that this world is just not right. The evidence is all around us really. And even deep inside of us. But every now and again, it seems even more painfully clear.

I grabbed her little hand and caught her gaze. “No, sweet girl. That’s actually not the way it’s supposed to be.” I pulled her close as I searched for the right words.

She was just expecting a simple answer, I’m sure. She was only five after all. But I longed for her to feel the security that comes from knowing she’s part of a bigger story. A story that can make sense of the parts of life that aren’t as they should be.

Little girls were always meant to be born into safe, sustaining, staying arms. And parents were always meant to give love to those they'd given birth.

But way back in the Garden, the original plan was broken. And that brokenness crept into every corner of society, ruining relationships and fracturing families. Like nightfall at the end of the day, the darkness closed in. And for centuries, people stumbled around blindly, searching for any glimmer of hope, any sign of a savior.

And then finally, on an ordinary night, just as the prophets foretold: the Light dawned.

Jesus stepped into our aching world and offered a way out. He mercifully exchanged His life for our healing and wholeness. He saw us in our helpless state and welcomed us into His family forever.

“So just like Jesus came to bring us into God’s family, we get to bring you into ours. Forever.” I whispered. “And one day soon, Jesus will come again and make all things right.”

Fitting for this Advent season. Between the already and the not yet. Darkness lingers still - Do you feel it too? - but only for a little while. Soon Jesus will come again in all His glory to illuminate and eradicate the darkness once and for all.

“That’s good,” she smiled.

It’s really good.

The coming of Christ affects this Christmas and my family and yours. It dares us to believe that the Light of the World still shines amidst the shadows. And it keeps our eyes horizon-fixed as we anticipate His glorious return.

Hail the Heaven-born Prince of Peace
Hail the Sun of Righteousness
Risen with healing in His wings
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