These in-person and on-demand classes will equip you in a specific area of your life.

in-person classes

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The Design of God

There is a way that leads to flourishing, but there are also many competing voices that promise a different way. How can we talk about such things in a way that will bring life? What if these deeper questions of life have already been answered by the Creator of life itself? Over 5 weeks discover why God is trustworthy, how He has designed you to flourish, and what you can do to help others flourish as well.

Financial Freedom

“Well done good and faithful servant” is the end goal for every follower of Christ. Financial Freedom is a stewardship ministry of The Summit Church. The weight of financial stress leads to major relationship tensions and struggles. Our desire is to equip men and women to be financially free so that we can live a life of outrageous generosity. We offer easily accessible equip classes, currently Financial Peace University and The Legacy Journey, to equip the body in the areas of budgeting, paying off debt, saving, and leaving a legacy of generosity. 


People were created to live full of joy in God, full of purpose in life, and full of courage to take their next step towards spiritual maturity. But sin and the weight of life keeps us bogged down and unable to be fully alive. This 6-week experience will give you a tried-and-true map of how to keep obstacles in your life from driving you and stealing your joy in Christ in a way that will last.

Everyday Evangelism

If you need practical training to help you share your faith, then this is the perfect class for you. This equip class will practically teach you how to share the Gospel through the 3 Circles method of evangelism. This six part class will give you the confidence you need to share the Gospel with those around you in everyday situations.