A Giant Killer

By: David Stephens
It was a rough day for Israel. Encamped along the battle lines opposing the Philistine army, they had listened to the taunts of a giant. They had listened and they were afraid - cowering in their self-deception that the very God whom their army represented was unable to rescue them.

Enter this confident teenager.

David was there, sent by his father to check on his brothers and bring them supplies. He was there to provide sustenance to the army of Israel but found a group of frightened men - men who wondered if anyone would step up and slay the giant - their giant.

Sound familiar? Have you ever sat in fear, believing that the God of the universe had abandoned you? Believing that you were stranded in the presence of a malevolent giant? Believing the lie?

Remember David.

When David approached King Saul, offering to kill the giant himself, Saul brushed him off. What could this adolescent do that neither he nor his soldiers had been able to do? What experience in battle did he bring to the table?

David had met giants before. He had killed a lion and a bear. When one of these beasts had threatened his flock, he ran after it to rescue his own. And when the bear or lion turned on him to attack, he killed it. Author and speaker Jennie Allen suggests that perhaps God sent these beasts to David. Maybe, in these little giant moments, He was preparing David for his big giant moment. Maybe God wanted to show David what was possible when the power of El Shaddai was with him.

And in his moment with a terrifying giant in his path, David did not cower in the shadows.

He ran.

He ran toward the giant. Rather than believe the lie that God was not able to deliver him, he set out to destroy this beast in the name of the LORD of Hosts, the God of the armies of Israel. This giant, who had defied the truth of the God of David was about to fall.

And he did. One stone from the sling of a truth believing kid was all it took.

I have two questions for you:

  • What is your giant today?

  • What lie are you believing about God?

Are you believing the lie whispered in your ear by the enemy that God can’t deliver you? Is it possible that every battle you’ve ever fought has been to prepare you for the giant you face today - and that even this battle is to prepare you for the giant you’ll face tomorrow?

Maybe God wants to show you what is possible when the power of El Shaddai is with you.

Run to the giant. Run in the name of the LORD of hosts, the God of the armies of Israel. 
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