Who We Are


to cooperate with God in developing multiplying communities of fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

We believe that we accomplish this mission with the strategy of Experiencing the Presence of Christ, Equipping people for Life & Ministry, and Engaging a World in Need.

Over the years we have seen God build us into One Family of Multiple Churches. We believe that as our church family continues to grow here in Central Arkansas, we will see more Summit Churches planted. We also believe that more pastors will go plant Summit Churches in other parts of our state as a part of our greater extended family and by God's grace, that we will continue to have spiritual influence and kindred relationships with other churches and pastors who we generously share with what God has given us.

Our Vision

To spiritually influence every county in Arkansas, plant 100 churches in North America, and impact 100 countries of the world through prayer, planting, and partnering by the year 2038.

Click below to find out how we are reaching our state, nation, and the world. 

Our STructure

We are one family of multiple churches. 


Our churches are Elder-led. Elders provide general oversight of the churches. They teach, protect, pray for, equip, provide counsel, model godliness, and care for the discipleship of the church. They exercise church discipline when needed. They oversee finances, budgeting, and the church staff. When needed they oversee the selection of new Elders. 

Church staff

Staff work inside their area of ministry at their local church under the authority of their Lead Pastor and Elders. While leading in their church, most staff also work within a collective to share best practices with those leading in the same ministry at other Summit Churches.


Collectives unite our churches by helping them function with the best ministry practices. Collectives are unified around the sharing of best practices that make us better together and are given areas of liberty to empower leaders to make greater impact in their local context.

central team

The Central Team focuses on support, sending, and leadership by creating processes, frameworks, and resources each church can utilize as well as strategies to reach our state, nation, and world. The Central Team is overseen by the Central Executive Pastors and provides Communications, Design, Technology, Production, Finance, Human Resources, Facilities, Global Engage, and National Engage for each church.

directional team

The Directional Team represents the family of churches. It is made up of each Lead Pastor and at least one Lay Elder from each church and the Founding Pastor. This team helps make decisions that affect all churches, while working in concert with church Elder teams.