Written By: Jenny Stricklin
Ask the Bucs. Nothing would have threatened their win more than for the Chiefs to have glimpsed their playbook. That’s what we get in Nehemiah 4, a peek at Satan’s ploys.

Lest we linger too long in the favor of chapters two and three, chapter four warns: the war isn’t over until the work is done.

So expect it. Engage it. But first, examine his tricks. This enemy isn’t just playing games. He’s playing for keeps.

He’s real and ruthless and hellbent on ruin (1 Peter 5:8). And unless we grasp his methods and motives, we’re likely to be duped.

So what are some of the primary areas that Satan attacks God’s people?*

  • OUR IDENTITY – He will mock and malign us and cause us to doubt who God says we are.

  • OUR HOLINESS – He will charm and flatter us in order to convince us that we can handle certain sins without any cost.

  • OUR HEARTS – He will seek to break open wounds from past hurt, to perpetuate bitterness and bondage.

  • OUR HOMES – He will steal peace and security and cause all kinds of division, tension and chaos in our closest relationships.

  • OUR REST – He will overwhelm and overload us, pressuring us toward exhaustion and unfruitfulness.

  • OUR FERVOR – He will try to decrease our interest in spiritual things and dwindle our passion for God and His mission.

  • OUR PURPOSE– He will diminish and demoralize us and cause us to constantly question our calling.

  • OUR CHURCH – He will distract and disunify local congregations in order to halt Kingdom work and discredit God’s people.

Nehemiah and his people were not immune. Subject to the taunts and jeers of their enemies, they were forced to decide: relent or remain. Give up or keep going.

Looking at the enemy can feel terrifying until we look to the Lord. Standing firm can feel daunting until we stand arm in arm. By the power of the Spirit in us, we have everything we need to combat the evil one. Together we unite against a common enemy. Though he’s dead-set on our demise, we are not defenseless!

Praise be to God who has equipped us for battle (Eph. 6:10-18). Praise be to God who has already won the battle! (Col. 2:15)

So take courage. Take a step. And take a page from Nehemiah’s playbook:

Resist the devil.
Remember the Lord.
Rally together.
Return to the work.

*Find more helpful insights in The Armor of God by Priscilla Shirer
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