upcoming trips

DELHI, INDIA // SEPT 23 - OCT 2, 2022

This team will be joining our Field Workers in this area to help advance their Kingdom work. Although going as tourists, the team will be actively engaging nationals to help “sift out” those turning positive to Good News.

PUNE, INDIA // OCT 21 - 29, 2022

This team will be building relationships and sharing & joining in the work of our Field Worker in this area. There will be lots of opportunities to engage nationals and help her determine those who are interested in knowing more about the News we bring. 

What Do Short Term Trips Look Like?

God desires that we know Him more and in turn make Him known to the whole world. A very significant result of our worship as followers of Jesus Christ is that we are stirred by the Holy Spirit to go. A short-term trip either domestically or globally is often a first step as we begin or continue to worship the Lord through going. Click on the opportunities below and seek the Lord of the harvest about going.
Requirements to go on a short term trip with The Summit Church:
1. Follower of Jesus Christ
2. Member of the Summit Church
3. Completion of training and preparation requirements
If you are planning or would like to go on a short-term mission trip, please contact  [email protected] for more information.

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