We have several short-term opportunities that will allow you to engage the nations. Click the link below a trip to fill out an interest form and start a conversation with our Global Engage Department.


June 23 - July 2 2023

Serve International Mission Board missionary families from Mexico, Central America, and South America while they gather for a time of fellowship, worship, and training in Mexico. We have the amazing opportunity to provide a Summer Camp experience for the kids and students attending as well as healthcare, IT support, and more.
COSTS: Each participant will need to raise approximately $2200. This will include airfare, lodging, and meals at the conference center. If this is your first trip with The Summit you will receive a $250 automatic scholarship.
REQUIREMENTS:  All participants must have a valid passport and must be a member of one of the Summit Churches. All team members must be 16 years or older. A background check, child safety protocol and other training is required as well.

clarkston; ga

MARCH 18-24, 2023

FOR ages 14+

The Atlanta suburb of Clarkston, where the Send Relief ministry center is located, is one of the most diverse communities in America. Known as the "Ellis Island of the South." nearly 70% of the population is foreign-born, representing more than 50 countries with more than 100 distinct ethnic groups--all living within 1.4 square miles. Join our team in going to work with the Send Relief Team and an international church to serve the refugee population there. We will do a variety of activities to learn more about and serve refugees and their families. The team will stay at the refugee Send Relief Placement Center.


MARCH 19-23, 2023


Nashville is home to internationals and refugees from all over the world. Come along with the team to explore the international Nolensville Road, get your hands dirty with community projects and learn more about world religions. Wearing gloves, tasting international foods and exploring international markets is definitely a part of this trip! This is also an excellent opportunity to serve as a family!

What Do Short Term Trips Look Like?

God desires that we know Him more and in turn make Him known to the whole world. A very significant result of our worship as followers of Jesus Christ is that we are stirred by the Holy Spirit to go. A short-term trip either domestically or globally is often a first step as we begin or continue to worship the Lord through going. Click on the opportunities below and seek the Lord of the harvest about going.

Requirements to go
on a short term trip:

1. Follower of Jesus Christ
2. Member of the Summit Church
3. Completion of training and preparation requirements
If you are planning or would like to go on a short-term mission trip, please contact [email protected] for more information.

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