What Does It Mean To Go As An Apprentice?

The Summit Church sends missionaries on apprentice assignments that generally last from 3 months to 1 year. These assignments often are in partnership with a sending organization, serving in an internship or taking a job overseas. An apprentice assignment also may include an assignment with one of our current missionaries.
Process to go as an apprentice:
1. Complete application and references
2. Get a background check
3. Make an appointment with our mission’s staff at [email protected]
4. Raise support if necessary
5. Attend pre-field training
6. Go! After seeking the will of God and preparing you are ready to be commissioned by your local church.

Requirements to be sent as an Apprentice from the Summit Church:
1. Follower of Jesus Christ
2. Member of the Summit Church
3. Recommendation from the Global Engage Pastor and/or local Global Engage Team
4. Completion of training and preparation requirements