Dear Summit Family,
One thing that is certain about this COVID season is that nothing is certain. It seems that we are daily seeing changes that affect us all. Gratefully, we are beginning to see the reopening of our country. Most thrilling is the possibility of us worshiping together again soon as a church.
Our Staff and Directional Elder Team have met for many hours to prayerfully study the issues and make the wisest choices regarding reopening. We want to be very conscious of multiple things:
  • The physical needs related to the virus, particularly as it relates to the most vulnerable.
  • The emotional needs of our people.
  • The spiritual needs of our church to be together again in worship.
  • The timing of reopening.
  • The multitude of details involved in reopening.
As of Monday, May 4th, we have entered Phase One of the reopening for our state. This allows us to meet as a church if we desire, but with very strict recommendations. We would have to wear masks, be six feet apart, etc. To do that would mean our auditoriums at each location would only have occupancy at one-third of their seating capacity. We also feel that while many people are ready to come back, many still have hesitations. On May 18th, the Governor will announce the requirements of Phase Two. Multiple venues will be reopened, but still with many restrictions.
If all goes well across our state, we will enter Phase Three on June 1, in which most of the major restrictions will be removed. It would be possible for us to worship together before then, but for multiple reasons, we feel like the following Sunday, June 7, is the wisest possible choice for our public reopening of The Summit. By this time, many of our restaurants, businesses, and public spaces will have been reopened.
You may have questions about reopening as it relates to social distancing, cleaning procedures, kids and student ministries, etc. We will continue to research and provide answers to these questions in the next few weeks. Be assured that we will give you every detail you need to make appropriate decisions in a timely way. We will do everything that is needed to keep you safe.
We also know that there may be those of you who have medical or family conditions that would cause you to wait a little longer to return. Because of this, we will provide our Online Worship Experience on Sundays for the foreseeable future.
In addition to all of this, we want to thank you for your incredible response during this time. Your faithful tithing has caused us to exceed our budget needs every week! Your online involvement, personal witnessing, caring for those in your small groups, and prayer and fasting has been stunning. But it’s no surprise, because time and time again we have watched you rise to every challenge. 
God has done much in all of our lives during this time. Most importantly, we have come to see the value of gathering together. We’re praying that we will never be the same and that the Kingdom will advance even more rapidly for God’s glory!
Grateful and excited to be together again soon!
Your Directional Elder Team
Melvin Edwards, Jerry Byrum, Merlin Hagan, Kyle Hollaway, George Platt, Steve Titus, Kyle Reno, Bill Elliff, Jonathan Burgin, BJ Stricklin, Zac Reno, Dave McClung