Aug 2, 2023

On today’s episode of The Conway Ladies podcast, we talk with Jenna Lee about prayer. We discuss what prayer is and why we pray, some practical ways to eliminate distractions, and what it looks like to pray throughout the day.


Resources Mentioned:

Simply Prayer: Joining God for the Rest of Your Life by Bill Elliff Simply Prayer is designed as a practical, Biblical primer on prayer. You will learn why we should pray, how to pray, when to pray, what to pray along with what hinders prayer and what helps prayer.


Prayer With No Intermission: 40 Days to Unceasing Prayer by Bill Elliff Bill Elliff walks through multiple Biblical passages to help us understand the need to pray without ceasing and how to pray with no intermission.


Words with God: Trading Boring, Empty Prayer for Real Connection by Addison Bevere: 


Podcasts Mentioned:

OneCry Podcast


Engaging a Mysterious God through Dissident Prayer: Addison Bevere


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