Financial Freedom is a stewardship ministry of The Summit Church. Our desire is to equip men and women to be financially free so that we can live a life of outrageous generosity.

The Vision of
Financial Freedom

Hear from our Executive Pastor of Operations, Jeremy Lively, as he explains the heart and vision behind our Financial Freedom Ministry and how you can take steps to become financially free and move towards living a life of outrageous generosity. The Ramsey+ Platform is where you will access classes like Financial Peace University, the Legacy Journey and much more.

What all is included With the
RAMSEY+ Platform?

Financial Peace University

Financial Peace University is a proven money plan that will help you pay off debt and learn how to save money in order to become outrageously generous. Watch this video to learn more about how FPU has helped people just like you in this journey. Watch this short promo video to see what FPU is all about.

You'll have access to
these resources and much more!

The Legacy

The Legacy Journey is a 6-part class that will teach you a biblical view of wealth and generosity. You'll learn how to honor God with your money, make wise investment decisions, and leave a legacy for future generations.


Take a deep dive into zero-based budgeting using EveryDollar. No matter what stage of life you're in, discover a clear-cut way to make a budget that actually works.

Smart Money.
Smart Kids.

Teach your kids to make wise financial decisions through lessons on work and responsibility, spending and wisdom, contentment and gratitude, and much more!

Do you have Questions?

If you have questions about Financial Freedom, want to know a little more before signing up, or are even interested in becoming a coach - contact us! We would love to help you be a good steward of the resources that God has blessed you with. Let's do this together!