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Ways to Invite People to Easter this year

  • “Chalk the Walk" - Go outside and decorate the end of your driveway or the road in front of your house with art and an invite to our Easter online Experience

  • Post Your own story or testimony online - type it out or post a video. Tell your followers how Jesus has changed your life! And invite them to hear the good news with you at our online experience.

  • Download our Social Promo Pack and post these graphics on your own social platforms.

  • Download our Social Promo Pack and print out the printables. Put them on your neighbors doors and invite them to join your Watch party!

Ways to Engage with People For Easter this year

  • Start a Facebook Watch Party with your small group, family, or friends  - find out how to do this on our ways to connect online page - thesummitchurch.org/onlinetools

  • Go on a Easter Scavenger Hunt with your kids and find items that symbolize the Easter story (a rock for the tomb, two sticks for the cross, something black for sin, something red for Jesus’ blood, something white for a clean heart and something green for growing in Christ) to help foster discussion with them.

  • Make your own Resurrection Eggs from things you have lying around the house.

  • Coordinate your family Easter meal with friends or other family members and FaceTime, Zoom, etc while you eat.

  • Still get dressed up and take a family photo and post it online.

  • Have an Easter Egg Hunt in your front yard and invite neighbors to come one family at a time to participate.

Download a Social Promo Pack

Click download to get a pdf document of the posts. Screenshot the posts to save on your mobile device.
Square posts are great for general Facebook or Instagram Feeds.
Vertical Posts are great for posting in Instagram or Facebook Stories.
Print this out on standard copy paper and cut them out for an easy way to invite your neighbors!