Gather groups exist to help all women become increasingly united with each other, with Jesus & with the Word of God.
Join a group below to find fellowship, encouragement and a place for faith to grow!

Larue Launius + kristin nelson + sandy flannagin

Loving Jesus through Bible Study

Tammy Fielder + Shannon Williams

Matters of Motherhood

Judi Hurt + Terri Walker

Simple Habits of a Spiritually Strong Woman

penny adams + lauren payne


Janie Lumley

Read + Discuss the Bible Chronologically

Amber Goff + Joanne Schnaitman

The Glorious in the Mundane Podcast

Amber Singleton + Natalie Lively

Journey through the book of 1 Peter

penny hodges

Clarifying the Bible

Mary Ann Turner + Kelley Trulove + Barb Hillman

Honoring God as a MIL or DIL

Rachel Stafford + Amy James + Anna Kay

The Case for Faith

Sarah Marden + Kristen Sanders

RightNow Media's Enjoying Jesus

Jennifer Cherry + Marcia Dezonia

Moms of Prodigals

Becky Arnold + Kathryn Benson

Communicating Respect to Your Husband

Lisa crow

Fiery Darts of Daily Living & your Armor to Deflect Them