Ways to Connect Online

When your group can't meet in person, how do you cultivate community and spiritual growth?
Consider these tools to help you study Scripture, encourage discussion, discover and pray for needs as a group.

Our Primary Suggestions

Zoom video

An easy to use video conferencing resource for small groups to meet online.

Facebook groups

Many are already familiar with this online meeting space. FaceBook Groups are an excellent way to engage with your small group, especially around topics you care about.  Successful groups spark conversations and help group members connect around their shared interests.

Marco Polo

What is it? A super easy and fun Video Chat App. 
How could you use it?  ... Say you want to video chat with someone but can't do so in real time.  Or when it’s too difficult to get your whole small group on a Zoom call at the same time?  MarcoPolo allows you to send video messages to individuals or a group! The other members can watch and respond when its most convenient for them.  It also saves all your video messages so you can revisit conversations. 
Pros & Cons:
+Super easy to use.  +Video chatting is easier and more fun than text chatting. +Not everyone has to be 'online' at the same time to join in the discussion.  +Saves your video messages & doesn't limit your video time
-Can get confusing to follow if the group is larger than 10 people or so (text groups can as well)

Other items that can help connect Virtually include:

Netflix watch party

Netflix Party is a new way to watch Netflix with your friends online. *And it's FREE* !  Netflix Party synchronizes video playback and adds group chat to your favorite Netflix shows.  It's a Co-Watching experience through a free Google Chrome browser Plug-In.  So, this does mean you have to watch on a computer or laptop.  Also, in order for this to work, everyone you send an invite to will need to have access to Netflix. If they don't have an account, Netflix is offering a free 30-day trial for new subscribers.

Facebook watch party

If your small group already has a Facebook Group, you might want to try Facebook's "Watch Party".  FB Watch Party is a co-watching experience inside Facebook Groups that brings people together around video.  Everyone in a Watch Party is watching the same moment in the video at the same time, connecting Group members in a uniquely social way. Group members can watch, comment on, and react to the same videos at the same time.
Ex:  Your small group wants to get together and re-watch one of the Summit Church's Sunday Online Experiences.
For Instructions How to Start (scroll to the bottom)
*Note that the current Social Distancing measures in place can cause spikes in video conferencing and messaging usage resulting in internet "traffic jams". This means that while these free cloud-based tools are convenient and easy to use, don't expect them to work optimally 100 percent of the time.